California Girl (And Other Tales)

What a crazy, crazy couple of days. I’m sitting on
a plane at the Austin airport right now typing this during a
layover on my way to San Diego for a conference. Doped up heavily,
because I hate flying….so basically this could be either a really
good or really bad post with a lot of typos. It’s a toss up.


Yes, that is fear you see in my eyes.

Before I get on a full-out nerd
tangent about the conference I’m going to, so sorry for the little
4 day hiatus there! I had some friends come in town and spent
Saturday at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, Texas listening to some
obscure country singer and whooping ass
beating people at pool.

Sunday, we made a trip to see my “Grumpy” in
West Texas to say our goodbyes to him. He’s had Alzheimer ‘s
disease for 12 years and is in the end stages of it. It was such a
blessing to be in Texas right now so I could see him one last time,
and I’m so glad I had that opportunity. He was such a great man,
and talk about healthy living! Apparently he’s still strong enough
to whack nurses around (whoops) and he taught me to ski as a kid
while he was wearing an American flag speedo (and looking pretty
good in it for a guy in his 60s, if that’s even possible.) Send
some prayers this way for my family if that’s your thing, and good
vibes if it’s not. It’s always sad saying goodbye to family, even
if it’s expected.


About to take off for San Diego to attend
CSM, the national convention for the American Physical Therapy
Association. Any California natives here?
Can’t wait to share what I learn with you guys! I’m
taking 2 courses specifically on running injuries (lower extremity
and low back) so I should be a super genius by the end of this
week. Posting might be a little inconsistent because it costs
$12.00/day for Wi-Fi in our hotel. WTF? I’m in college… not
happening. So I’ll be on the hunt for free Wi-Fi all week and you
might get a lot of pathetic phone post consisting of narcissistic
pictures of myself posing my famous landmarks.

Check out my instagram this week for better/more
consistent updates if you’re so inclined @stephhasslehoff.

Plane’s taking off now…. Next stop, San Diego!


-Stephanie (without Pippa)

5 thoughts on “California Girl (And Other Tales)

  1. Looking forward to your updates! Especially low back pain. I am trying to gear up for a run this morning… temps here are only 15 degrees! ahhh, enjoy Cali!

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