Stayin’ Classy in San Diego

I’m going to try my best here to keep the “Anchorman” quotes to a minimum, but no promises you dirty pirate hookers.

“Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

I’ve been meaning to write this all day but I’ve pretty much been in the middle of a 24 hour nap. Needless to say, my run hasn’t happened either. Which is unfortunate, as I have eaten enough food daily to feed approx. 2.5 full grown men whilst in San Diego. I was happy to find that it was not just a rumor, but they actually do put advocado on freaking EVERYTHING there. I even had fish with avocado sauce on it. I might have possibly overdone it on the healthy fats. Whatever.

Why yes that IS eggs benedict with an entire avocado on it.

I learned some pretty cool stuff, but more on that later. It’s a Sunday, and it’s pretty much illegal to learn anything on a Sunday.

We flew into San Diego from Dallas on Tuesday and met up with all our Arkansas friends at the airport. Thank goodness they all wore their shoes and false teeth… that could have been embarrassing JUST KIDDING GUYS. I know you always wear shoes.

The whole gang on a water taxi.

The whole gang on a water taxi.

Our hotel was downtown in the Gaslamp District right by the bay, and I pretty much never wanted to leave. There were so many cute little shops and restaurants, and since the convention center was a half mile away or so we got to spend a lot of time walking around and checking things out. We also made a pretty impressive effort to hit up every bar in the area. I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.

Where the party happens.

We got to take a water taxi to Coronado Island one night, and played on the beach and hit up a seafood place. Photo sesh was necessary, of course.

(instagram: @stephhasslehoff)


We saw a bunch (herd? pool?) of dolphins, and I tried to capture the moment using my expert IPhone photography skills but…. Well. It was prettier in real life.

Fun fact: the original Flipper committed suicide. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

I don’t know what all you California bloggers are talking about as far as the “sunny and warm” thing goes, because it was basically chilly and rainy our entire time there, but that’s ok! We were troopers, and with $3 ponchos and soggy shoes we braved the elements and spent our last day at the San Diego Zoo.

Making those poncho’s look good.

The hippos and monkeys were definitely my favorites. When we were at the hippo enclosure they were playing with each other underwater and it looked like a slow-speed chase on land. Hilarious.

(instagram: @stephhasslehoff)

Basically, it was the best trip of all time and I’m kind of sad to be home. Back to the daily grind and dealing with real life. I’m in a glass case of emotion. On a happy note though, I’m glad to be back to my blog friends. Hope you all have a great week!

What was the best vacation you ever went on?

What’s your favorite Will Ferrell film?

-Stephanie and Pippa

P.S. For the record, I tried to write my last post on my phone and apparently that didn’t work out so well. Que sera sera.

8 thoughts on “Stayin’ Classy in San Diego

  1. While not my favorite, I will admit that I loved Kicking and Screaming. My brother and I saw it in theaters because we knew there was a Harry Potter preview before it. I’m not sure which of those statements I’m more ashamed of.

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