Weak Sauce

This post is going to be super lame because my brain is in super lame mode. I’ve been reviewing material over the TMJ all freaking day. Do you realize how boring that is? Do you realize what that can do to your brain? Do you realize that there is no way in hell I will EVER give ANYONE a mouth massage? They don’t make gloves that are thick enough for me to do that. They just don’t. I would literally rather work as a women’s health physical therapist. Just use your imagination there.

To add to my creative brain freeze, Texas weather forced me to running on the treadmill today, and you know how I feel about that necessary-but-not-optimal piece of equipment. Dadgum Tarnaders.

FriendlyRunner 24/7 Fitness

I know I bitch complain a lot about treadmills on here, but really I don’t hate ALL of them. I spent a lot of time in my college’s HPER center watching Gilmore Girls reruns as the miles ticked by unnoticed. They’re safe, mindless, and easy to do interval work on. I just hate this one particular treadmill that resides at my parent’s house in Dallas, TX. Don’t get me wrong… I am totes thankful I don’t have to pay a gym fee and if I ever get the urge to go on a run at 3 in the morning (HA) I have that option available. And it’s also a decent treadmill (based on my essentially nonexistent very limited knowledge of treadmills.) I just feel like I’m running at slow speed, through sand, on a humid Texas beach when utilizing this one. I think it just has more “give” than the ones I’m used to? Either way, it’s a mental struggle every single time I hop on it. Do you run on or own a treadmill? Hate them or love them?

My view on the dreadmill. Check out my Dad with the mustache and short coaching shorts on the right….that old fox.

Another struggle? The 15-minute “Better Butt” workout on the Nike Training Club app. I’ve had the app forever, and I usually just use it for the ab workouts (they’re legit) but I thought I would be adventurous today and WOW. Everything hurts. That workout is definitely a keeper. I believe the app is free, and it has TONS of workouts that either target specific body parts, or are geared towards cardio or strength training. I like that I can just plug my headphones in and listen to the workout while my music still plays. I usually run with my phone, so it’s super handy to have if I want to do a short 15-minute workout after a run. And I didn’t even get paid for that plug…ridiculous. Someday.

Bonus: Shawn Johnson always tells you that you’re doing a really great job.

Anywho. About to answer some comments (because I’m a terrible blogging friend and it takes me forever to do that) and get back to the studying grind. #boringpeopleproblems

Have a good hump day! Anyone have a long run planned this weekend? Oh and also my faith in the human race is completely restored after hearing how many of you are Will Ferrell fans. Internet high-five!


17 thoughts on “Weak Sauce

  1. I’m so jealous of your parents elliptical. That’s the model I used to love from my old gym and I can’t find one ANYWHERE.
    Also – love Nike training club. It’s like having your own FREE personal trainer.

    • Lol that’s the model we had at my college gym too! Funny thing is, my parents actually got it FO FREE from a place that wasn’t using it anymore. They’re pretty crazy bargain hunters!

  2. I hate treadmills. HATE them. I so much prefer running outside. But I do recognize their use on cold winter days.
    I do indeed have a long run planned for the weekend – 20 km (I hope).

  3. I’ve had a love, hate, like relationship with my treadmill. At the start it was the only place I ran. Once I went outside, I dreaded having to be inside. Lately, I’ve found some really good reasons to run with Millie. We’re cool again.

    • Haha I can understand that… when I was around a better treadmill I used to go through phases where I LOVED it and would have to make myself run outside. I wish I would go through a phase like that again soon!

  4. I do NOT like treadmills. I even prefer running in the 20 degree weather of winter as to a treadmill. Having said that, at times it would be convenient when I need to get some miles in and it’s raining and really windy!

  5. What’s up with you always posting pictures of your dad poorly dressed. He has feelings too you know. He might wear those shorts the next time ya’ll go running together. Good thing he never had a mullet;)

  6. I also do not like the treadmill. Even when I watch TV, I just get so bored. I can’t sit still watching TV anyway, so I guess it makes sense. I’d rather run outside any day, unless it’s snowing. Screw that. Also, what is a mouth massage? How does one give a mouth massage?

  7. I agree, dreadmills suck. I can run in a gym full of people but not in my own house. Strange right? Maybe it is the fact that I know that I could just get off and be lazy. Running outside is always my number one choice :)

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