All Work, No Play

That’s a damn dadgummed lie, I’ll be honest with you. But first things first…


WHAT THE HECK?!? Break my run-loving, amputee-treating heart. How could you, Pistorius? In the words of a character from one of my favorite cinema classics, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands beautiful model girlfriends, they just don’t.”


I’m sure Elle Wood’s has a rock solid defense planned for Pistorius.

I keep hoping that some information will come out that makes it seem like there actually is a chance it was a case of mistaken identity, but it’s not looking good so far.

On a positive note, I just now discovered Windows Live Writer and I think I’m in love. Hopefully this will make blogging (especially inserting photos into my blog) a little easier to do on nights I get home late and have homework (aka every night of my life.) Still haven’t figured out how to put captions on my pictures though…. and let’s be honest that’s where my jokes really shine so I’m gonna need someone to help me out with that. Pretty please?

Also, I’ve actually been running on a set schedule throughout this entire clinical rotation so that’s pretty rad. Having a running buddy that’s faster than me is a big help, and my MPM times are coming down much faster than usual! I’ve also been trying to force myself onto the treadmill at least once a week to get in a short interval workout (don’t love those) and I think it’s paying off. Of course, when I say “faster” I mean it in a relative sense. As in, “I am faster than a 3-toed sloth but not by much.”


A sloth being slow is relative as well.

Only three more weeks left in Dallas and then I’ll be an Arkansas girl again for a few months! Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve kind of enjoyed living with my parents… I might just move in here forever and save the money on rent JUST KIDDING MOM. Seriously though, I’m ready to see my friends and play around in the great outdoors for a mile. Plus, even though Texas is the greatest state ever (it’s just science) Arkansas definitely has better hills to run on (also science.)


Back to doing what it is we do best. Looking forward to catching up on everyone’s bloggin’ goodness this weekend when I finally get a chance to sit down and breath. My only plan is a local 5k with my parents…


Throwback circa last summer

anyone else have a race planned this weekend?

am I the only one that seriously cannot fathom how people are disciplined enough/have time to blog every stinkin’ day? Serious kudos to you guys who do!

Much Love, Steph and Pippa

8 thoughts on “All Work, No Play

  1. I have a 7 mile trail race on Sunday that promises to inflict pain and agony, but supply adult beverages at the aid station. Race recap to follow.

    I’m with you on the daily blogging. I did Janathon this year and the daily blogging was much harder than the daily exercise. I’m still a little burned out from it.

  2. No races this weekend, but maybe one next? We’ll see.

    Glad to see you’re back! I definitely don’t have time to blog every day. Three times a week is plenty for me. Plus I don’t have that many ideas or interesting things happening to me. My life is pretty boring.

    • Haha my life is pretty boring as well, especially living with my parents for this clinical! I’ve really been having to stretch things out to make them seem even slightly interesting. Creative license for the win!

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