Busy as a Bee(z in the trap beez beez…)

Tuesdays are my day off, so I try to be really productive and do important things all day. You know, things like:

  • Whitening My Teeth


  • Playing Frisbee with the Best Dog In the World


  • Getting Super Lost Trying to Be Creative With My Route


  • Making New Running Playlists


I don’t know why I capitalized all of those like book titles, but I’m not changing it. Sorry to any English teachers or grammar Nazis reading. But I’m not really sorry (notice how I used “But” at the beginning of the sentence.)

Speaking of running playlists, I took my phone on my run today instead of my Garmin (in case I got lost) so I had access to SpotifyRadio on my run. Really neato. I was super impressed to be listening to the best radio station of all time (it had all my favorite songs!) until after about 45 minutes when I realized that my technology illiteracy had struck again and I was actually listening to my iTunes. Typical. In summary, I still have the best musical tastes of all time (I’m looking at you, Nicki Minaj.)

Do you listen to music on your runs?

Do you use a phone app or mp3 player (i.e. iPod shuffle)?

As for getting lost, that’s my kind of adrenaline rush. Besides the part where I ended up by the wastewater treatment plant and Pippa went swimming in the poopy creek. And also the part where I came across a large field of these little guys and was politely asked to leave by men with assault rifles.


I’m just kidding. That’s a scene from a movie. I just don’t really have much going on so I have to make up bold-faced lies to keep you guys reading. Seriously though, I feel like that trail was the perfect place to start your own little secret patch of Mary Jane, if you’re looking for somewhere to sow your seeds.

I’m working on an article about shin splints right now, since “Therapy Thursdays” have been few and far between lately. Stay gnarly my friends, runners, and fitness enthusiasts

-Steph Lion & Pippa Marley

4 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee(z in the trap beez beez…)

  1. I always bring my phone on my 15+ long runs. It’s saved me a couple times when I made wrong turns and had to find my way home.

    Glad to hear the guys with rifles were just a figment of you imagination. I;d worry about where you were running otherwise.

  2. Your “wrong” route looks pretty nice, I have to say!
    I take my iPod Shuffle with me on my runs – occasionally a Garmin GPS device (rarely) and sometimes my iPhone, when I want to take pictures.

  3. I always have to listen to music on my runs. Like Dagmar, I use am iPod shuffle because it’s small and light. But, now you have me wanting to take pictures on my runs, too!

  4. I almost always listen to music on my runs. I get most of my music from Rockmyruns.com. I love it because they do all the mixing of songs for me and there is never any downtime when the songs change.
    Sounds like you found a very interesting route too. :-)

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