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We have built to be a community, a live group of people having a particular characteristic in common : the desire to run. This is built by runners, for runners. We want to be and will continue to be the most supportive community for runners of all kinds. We love to get everyone up and about and keep everyone actively running. Whether it be just jogging around parks, or training and running on your first 10k or 15k fun run, or improving your marathon or ultra marathon times. We have had the purpose of creating forums for information sharing about running in general. With a wide range of topics that cater to beginners to marathoners, we want our site to be your go to place on the web, or even your home. So be a part of our social network and get and share support to other runners, or soon to be runners, like you. It is free, even! So go ahead and tag your friends along. Meet other runner buddies and share stories. Discover training and nutrition plans others have been effectively using.

We have and manage forums and bulletin boards to provide guests and registered members access to different questions and answers about running. Registered members can also post such questions through this. With our site having thousands of users on a global scale, there is and will be a lot of information you can get your hands into. There are different boards with varied topics for everyone with access.

Runner Wannabe

Starting on your running journey? Haven’t run on a marathon yet and interested to join? Find out whatever it will take you to reach the finish line! Browse all the need-to-know tips and tricks and advices and techniques in running. Post all your thoughts and questions through here.

General Running Chit Chat

Do you have doubts or questions that need answering? Do you have advices you want to share to others? Join us and have access to our forums. ‘Cause there in our forum, all opinions, advices, discussions and general running chit chats are found. You can browse training tips from others, or you can share your training plan as well.

Get Trendy

Share or just be aware with the latest trends in running tech. Do you have reviews or feedbacks on running gears? Discuss on how to use them and how it has improved your running. Post them in our hub and talk about the highs and lows of the product. Been wanting to purchase a running gear for yourself or for a friend? Get feedback from the community on which is best to buy, or even where to buy.

Share the Knowledge

Have you been running long enough? Share your tips, advices, and experiences on your running journey. Help a runner with his goals and push him forward.

Push Your Limits

Does a marathon feel like a walk in the park for you? Do you want to challenge yourself? Go ahead and have someone help you push your limits further. Or should you have questions, experts in our community can address them.

Muscle Up

Have you been wanting to lose a couple of pounds? Or been wanting get back in shape? Shed those unwanted weight and turn them into sculpted muscles you have been wanting for so long. Get started with your journey with all like-minded runners looking to lose weight, with help from those who have had succeeded in theirs.

Join Upcoming Races

Be and stay updated with running events through this website. See a list of fun runs or marathons and other run for a cause events you and your friends can join in. Been wanting to join but have no one to run with? Other members from the community could be in the same situation too! Go ask someone out and you may find the running buddy you’ve been waiting for so long.

Race Discussions

Participate in discussions about a specific fun run or run for a cause or marathon. Share your training and approaches to the race. Share your thoughts on the event or just about anything else. You can even ask questions to those who have joined the race prior to yourself.

Get Help

Something been troubling you? Does it hurt somewhere? Relax and share us your case and state. Others are so much glad to help and share tips and remedies on how to handle your predicament.

With years of running experience behind us, we, and our members are always happy to help. Post anything and everything about running and see.