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Discovering the Essence of Free Running

Stress is one of the reasons of exhaustion and a burden of many people. Some of you counteract this by engaging on different recreational activities, such as dancing, writing, sports, singing, and many more. But for those that reside in an urban community, with all the city noise and pollution, you might find more problems in relaxing. Such problems push a few to escape such realities, wanting to just get away from everything. If you are one of the select few that consider running as an enjoyable way to release stress, then we have just the thing for you.

You may have heard of those practicing dangerous stunts, leaping from tall buildings, climbing walls, and other obstacles commonly found in an urban area. As crazy as it sounds, the stunts they perform actually demand a high level of discipline and skill that not everybody can fully master unless given full dedication. These stunts they perform not only sharpen their mental fortitude, but also improve on their level of perseverance, especially since their activities consist of falling and failing frequently.

Free Running

Such an activity is commonly known as parkour, a disciplined sport that utilizes the body’s overall strength and coordination in a series of urban obstacles to be traversed. This sport has fascinated the public ever since its first appearance, making its way to the entertainment business as crowds cheer on professionals performing death-defying stunts. Its popularity came about its growth and branching. The sport mainly focuses on the practicality of efficiently overcoming obstacles, thus resulting to its use in military training.

Not everybody however stayed in its tracks, armed with their experience in parkour, sought out a new form that emphasizes more on self-expression movements, effectively utilizing one’s grace in his/her movements. This brought about the concept of free running, originally coined to be a form of running, but without any fees, thus, came about the word “free ”+”running”. This branch of parkour focuses more on your mental state, encouraging you to use fluid-like movements in overcoming an obstacle.

This form of parkour is ideal for people like you, as it gives you the chance to release all the pressure that has been building up on you. Letting you literally “flow through the wind” in a graceful manner. The great thing about free running is that it is not that strict when it comes to performance, compared to parkour’s disciplined style in dealing with obstacles. Many experts find the sport to be very relaxing and at the same time beneficial to their health. The frequent stunts that they perform not only keeps them fit, it also gives them a sense of self-accomplishment, especially after a successful run.

free_ running

Free running has been proven to be an effective method of prolonging one’s life, as it can keep you away from ailments and at the same time relieve your stress. A happy state of mind promotes healthy growth in both yourself and the people around you. Also, free running allows multiple players to go at the same time, making for a great bonding experience with your friends.

After mastering a few moves and knowing the concept of free running by heart, comes the challenge of attracting more. People yearn for passing down what they have learned, especially those who are very passionate with their desired activity. These can come in many forms: formation of clubs, organizations, or even teaching classes. But the method of attracting such audience remains optional. One may opt for using connections in friends, flyers, or even the internet.

Remember that you were endorsing membership in the first place, spreading the word to join your faction of free running. Once you can accumulate fame, you can even introduce your services to the public for entertainment. That way you can earn for a living while doing what you love most and staying fit.

Over all, you should have the fina  l say when it comes to free running. It won’t hurt to give it a little try, who knows, you might be the next popular free runner in the internet, and may even star in a film one day. Just stay dedicated to the sport you enjoy and the rest of the good events will soon follow.